Quality control

Quality control is one of the key issues in the field of pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Its implementation involves placing on the market batches that comply with the provisions regarding specifications, maintenance, and lifetime, while ensures consumer safety.

The increasing demand on assay control, usually adjusted to international standards, carry a high cost in personnel, equipment, calibration and interlaboratory programs. Hence, many industries opt for outsourcing some of these procedures, if not all, leaving duly Authorized and competent Laboratories, the responsibility of controlling their products.

Lab&Clin Alliance, aware of this reality, offers this service to its customers in order to define product specifications, and provide batch quality control before placing on the market.


  • Election of the proper formulation depending on the desired stability
  • Product shelf-life estimation
  • Product technical specifications set up
  • Batch control to monitor specifications compliance
  • Product microbiological quality control
  • Preservative system efficacy checkout
  • Ensure compatibility between product and primary packaging


  • Organoleptic assays
    • Odour, color and texture assays
  • Physical-Chemical assays
    • pH
    • Density
    • Viscosity
    • Emulsion sign
    • Emulsion stability
    • Particle size
    • Metals
    • Granulometry
    • Peroxide index
    • Refraction index
    • Saponification index
    • Iodine index
    • Acidity and Alkalinity
    • Humidity
    • Dry weight
    • Others
  • Microbiologiccal assays
    • Total Viable bacteria count: Aerobic bacteria, Molds and Yeasts
    • Pathogen isolation
    • Bacterial idenfication
  • Challenge Test
    • Preservative system efficacy checkout according to ISO or Pharmacopeia
  • Stability Tests - Compatibility Tests
    • Short term comparing formulations
    • Long term to estimate shellife
    • Compatibility between cosmetic product and packaging